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Michelle and Tânia are, in addition to sisters, best friends and confidants. There has always been a great inspiration, pride, and sharing between them, and when Michelle came up with the idea for Sand Lisbon, Tânia immediately believed in the concept.

Not only because Sand Lisbon honors the litoral center of Portugal, more specifically the village/beach of Santa Cruz, but also because this is a special place where they grew up and became women, which makes the inspiration for the pieces unique.
Sand Lisbon is a jewellery design brand in which every piece has a pearl, and as Coco Chanel said, "A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls."
Sand Lisbon's mission is to honor the human being, the woman and the man, who look for unique pieces, with a vintage look, but simultaneously contemporary and elegant.
Sand Lisbon is always created manually with limited stock to avoid excess and waste of materials.
This entire project is created and managed by the two sisters. Michelle idealizes and assembles the pieces and Tânia photographs, trying to capture the intrinsic spirit within the details.
Sand Lisbon Is Proudly Made in Portugal.
Nice to meet you, Michelle & Tânia